Fire Alarm Systems

Infinite Fire & Mechanical - Fire Alarm Inspection Services

A comprehensive fire alarm system consisting of a control panel, initiation devices and notification appliances provides early warning to building occupants in advance of active fire protection systems.

The safe and orderly egress of building occupants prior to the arrival of emergency personnel increases their ability to react to the actual emergency more quickly.

Infinite Fire & Mechanical are licensed to keep your Fire Protection Systems compliant. Inspection, testing and maintenance of a buildings alarm system in accordance with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, NFPA 72

Our integrated fire protection expertise allows us to provide a comprehensive proposal for the inspection, testing and maintenance of all your fire protection and safety equipment, including Fire Sprinklers and alarms.

Elevator Recall System Annual Inspection and Testing

he elevator recall fire alarm control panel is installed for the sole purpose of monitoring the automatic detection requirements needed for recalling the elevator(s) to the first floor (or designated floor), per Code. This inspection will be coordinated with the buildings elevator contractor and is typically performed during the fire alarm inspection. Our technicians will inspect and test the fire alarm control panel, service and test all devices. Also, the shunt trip breakers will be tested to assure that all electric to the elevator car(s) will be disabled before the sprinkler system would activate. This service work meets with NFPA 72 requirements for Annual Inspection and Testing of Elevator Recall System.

Smoke Detectors Sensitivity Testing

Once every year, per NFPA requirements, our technicians will perform a calibrated sensitivity test to assure that each detector is within its listed sensitivity range and each detector will initiate an alarm when exposed to smoke of certain concentrations. This test will be performed in conjunction with one of the semi-annual or annual tests of the fire alarm system. This service work meets NFPA 72 and IDPH requirements for Annual Sensitivity Testing of Smoke Detectors.

Fire Emergency Voice Communication System Annual Inspection and Testing

Our Technicians will check to insure that both automatic and manual messages are broadcast to the appropriate areas of the building and all communications and mass notifications are audible and intelligible. If your building is equipped with firefighter’s telephones/phone-jacks, they will also be tested for proper operation.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Testing and Annual Inspection

Our technician will inspect the physical condition of the carbon monoxide detectors, including the gas entry ports. Then, the detectors will be functionally tested, with canned carbon monoxide, to confirm proper operation of auxiliary functions (i.e. exhaust fan operation or charging system shutdown) Discrepancies if found will be reported to you in writing.