Fire Extinguishers

We offer a complete line of handheld and wheeled fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, fire suppressing foam concentrates and hardware, pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems, and customizable gas detection systems.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing, both in-house and by third party testing organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories, U.L. Canada, Factory Mutual, ASME and the U.S. Government.

Our Goal

Is to provide our customers with quality fire extinguishers at a great value. We service and handle dry chemical agents, assemble and then test our units to the highest quality standards.

ABC Dry Chemical

Buckeye ABC Dry ChemicalABC Dry Chemical is a multipurpose extinguishing agent that is suitable for use on Class A, Class B and Class C fires.

Wet Chemical - K Class

Buckeye Purple K Dry ChemicalOur Wet Chemical extinguishers contain a blend of Potassium Acetate and Potassium Citrate that is extremely effective in suppressing high temperature fires involving cooking oils and grease. The units incorporate a spray nozzle that ensures the agent is applied gently to the burning oil thus preventing splashing. It’s unique cooling properties deliver exceptional heat absorption ensuring the fire remains out. Wet Chemical is suitable for use on Class A and K fires. Typical Uses: For protecting cooking oil and grease fires in commercial kitchens. This extinguisher is designed to complement existing pre-engineered hood systems.

Standard Dry Chemical

Buckeye Standard (BC) Dry ChemicalStandard (BC) Dry Chemical is a sodium bicarbonate based extinguishing agent that is suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.

Carbon Dioxide

Buckeye Carbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide is the trusted non-conductive clean agent and is most effective for dealing with electronic equipment fires. CO2 is suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.

Purple K Dry Chemical

Buckeye Purple K Dry ChemicalPurple K Dry Chemical is a high performance extinguishing agent most effective for dealing with flammable liquid fires. Purple K is suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.

Fire Classifications

  • Class A: Fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many plastics.
  • Class B: Fires involving flammable liquids, combustible liquids, petroleum grease, tars, oils, oil based paints, solvents, lacquers, alcohols, and flammable gases.
  • Class C: Fires that involve energized electrical equipment.
  • Class D: Fires involving combustible metals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and titanium.
  • Class K: Fires involving combustible cooking media such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fats.

  • Key features of Buckeye Fire Extinguishers

    • Manufactured to meet UL/ULC’s rigorous standards for commercial hazard protection and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Dry Chemical and Halotron extinguisher cylinders are constructed out of deep drawn and ironed carbon steel. Carbon Dioxide cylinders are constructed out of 6061 TG aluminum.
    • Rechargeable.
    • Anodized aluminum or plated brass valve assemblies for superior strength and corrosion resistance.
    • The extinguisher nameplate incorporates trilingual operating and maintenance instructions, English, Spanish and French.
    • Color-coded gauges show operating status at-a-glance.
    • Extinguishers have model and serial number bar coding for easy and accurate maintenance history.
    • Metal pull pins, vehicle brackets and wall hooks for extended unit service life.
    • Buckeye Fire Equipment products are environmentally friendly and can be included in projects aiming for LEED certification.